First of all..Introduction

(I promise y’all my face is never this sad. Only when I’m hungry but I still wanna take pictures lmao)

Hey guys, I’m Temi and welcome to my blog! The Palateport is a food and travel blog and the name comes from two combined words “Palate” (a person’s ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours.) + “Passport”. I decided to join them together because:

  1. Using them separately as a domain name was already taken
  2. I LOVE to travel and I LOVE food, especially foods from a different country – so what better name than Palateport!
  3. And you can’t lie the name sounds lit AYE!


(Not sure whether this is an appropriate picture to explain how “lit” the name is, seeing as someone’s house is burning down in the background… but you get the picture) PUN oh so definitely intended.

My blog will include a variety of recipes, travel tips, food and travel diaries, where and what I eat when I’m away, and many other things. The aim of my blog is to get our palates and passports to explore the world – whether that be in the bustling markets of Bangkok or in our own kitchens. No barriers. No limits! I hope you enjoy my blog.



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