HEY LOVES, WELCOME TO MY BLOG! *In my best YouTuber voice*

I’m Temi (and this feels like I’m writing a tinder profile to find the love of my life… But we won’t go there and we’ll crack right on.)

I’m Nigerian, born and raised in London. I love everything to do with travel and food – eating it and travelling the world to eat food (they both have my heart!) I also do a bit food photography but I am still learning the ropes of it. I’m shamefully addicted to Disney films, cartoons and animated movies/shows – if you are too, then we will get on just fine.

Moving on from my half-about me and half-tinder profile, let’s talk about The Palateport and what it is. The Palateport comes from the words Palate + Passport combined together, as I LOVE travelling and I LOVE food. So I thought, why not combine the two words together and tell the world about it through this blog?!