Who is the face behind The Palateport?

I’m Temi (and honestly this feels like I’m writing a tinder profile to find the love of my life…but I am not and we won’t go down that rabbit hole today!)

20-something year old. Nigerian, born and raised in London. I love everything to do with travel and food – eating it and travelling the world to eat food (they both have my heart!) I also do a bit food photography but I am still learning the ropes of it.

I work full-time, so tend to use my annual leave and weekends to explore the world as much as I can!

What does ‘The Palateport’ mean?

The Palateport comes from the words “Palate” and “Passport” combined. I love to eat AND travel so it only made sense to combine the two words together and tell the world about it through this blog.

How did your passion for travelling come about?

I caught the travel bug during my placement year abroad in Hamburg, Germany. This was my first big move outside of the UK and I wanted to ensure I made the most of it by exploring Hamburg inside out. Once I had seen all there was to see in Hamburg, I started to work my way around different cities in Germany including Bremen, Berlin, Cologne etc. Then I started going out further and before you know it I was addicted and the rest was history.

Top travel hack?

This is quite hard but I would have to say my top travel hack is searching for flights in Incognito mode. This stops the site from storing cookies and monitoring your flight searches which can drastically increase the price.

Best thing about travelling?

Meeting locals and tasting local cuisine!

Travel style?

Boujie on budget. PERIODT

The palateport (since birth)

Random travel story about yourself?

I used to be TERRIFIED of flying. So bad that on a trip back from New York I had a really horrible panic attack on the plane and thought I was having a heart attack. I ended up in A&E soon after my flight landed. We thank God for growth as my fear of flying has drastically decreased! But yeah funny story, but not so funny at the time!